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    Default Coming From A Lousy Jet Boat

    I was visiting a boat show last weekend and had the opportunity to check out the latest Moomba has to offer. I left very impressed with value proposition these boats have. I'm a pretty serious wakeboarder, and I have spent a lot of time behind my uncle's Mastercraft. He swears by his boat and says that I am better off with a used Mastercraft than a new Moomba. I have been down the used boat road. I currently own a Yamaha jet boat that I am pretty sick of. I am looking for a solid wakeboard boat, but I don't want anything over 21 ft. (I have to park it in my small garage.) I was really impressed with the look and features of the Gravity Games LSV. Does anyone own one that could attest to the performance and reliability? Thanks!

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    Default Mobius LSV

    Yes and Yes and Yes!!!!!
    I purchased a 2002 mobius LSV last year.
    So far I love every thing about it and the dealer has been nothing short of great!
    I have the 320hp efi. 3 bag ballast, wakeplate and pretty much the works!! Just learning to wakeboard but the wake adjustment is awsome.
    I have the swingaway double axle trailer and it fits perfectly in my garage!
    Any questions just ask.

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