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    Default Setting Amplifier Gains

    The below instructions were posted by Phil White of Kicker on another forum and i thought it would benefit everyone who has questions on how to go about it.

    Per Phil's instructions;

    Turn gains way down but not totally off at the EQ and all amps.

    Now turn radio up with your loudest source selection, (radio, MP3, CD etc) until you can audibly hear the sound beginning to distort, get crunchy, etc... Then turn the radio down just barely below that.

    Now turn the EQ gains slowly up until you hear that distorted crunchy sound. It should sound similar to the distortion that the radio put out. Turn the EQ gains back down just a little below that.

    Finally do the same thing with your full-range-in-boat speakers amplifier. Turn the gains up till crunchy then back off... turn up your sub amp until it blends with the in-boat speakers, and if you cannot get the sub amp loud enough, go back to the in-boat amp and turn it down to match the sub.

    What we are doing here is using our ear to gain-stage the whole system... The method I describe makes every component clip at the same time. Each and every device is more-or-less exactly calibrated where they track uniformly from zero-output to max output.

    This will deliver the best signal and will minimize operating noise, clicks, pops, etc... Phil White / Kicker
    2007 Mobius LSV

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    Default gain gain gain and more gain

    Phil's process is essentially correct on paper, but the real world has a way of effecting results. As it turns out no device clips identically. No potentiometer is in fact linear and when you throw eq's into the mix they become little noise generators. Seeing as the more I surf the Moomba forum I see ALOT of guys from Portland, Tigard, Seattle etc.

    My thought is this.... why dont we have a teaching clinic at the Exile Factory. The local guys can bring their boats down and we can do an old fashioned tweak and tune session. We are all gear heads and I suspect people would learn ALOT! We've done these sessions for our retailers for years. You guys are a pretty close knit group. No reason why we couldnt do some teaching. Doesnt matter whos gear your running etc.

    The Exile factory is located in Lake Oswego Oregon. Who here is local to that? Sound fun?

    Exile Audio

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