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    Default Care for new black/graphite '04 Mobius LSV?

    Hi there! I'm stoked as I just bought one of the last two '04 LSVs off the line:

    Tri-Color Patter (black with graphite)
    SS Rub Rail
    Rad a Cage tower
    Bertha Ballast System (3 bag)
    Wake Plate
    Water Strainer
    320 HP TBI
    4 Blade SS Upgrade
    Kenwood Deck with 6 speakers and transom remote
    Boat Cover
    Dual Tandem Axle Trailer with Disk Brakes
    Swing Away Tongue

    I'm stuck waiting until next spring until the weather in Michigan warms up before I can use it, but am curious if anyone else has the Tri-Color scheme and if so, how you care for the black gelcoat? I want to prevent water spotting as much as possible and was curious if anyone had any luck with particular polishes/waxes? If so, let me know. Also, any other suggestions you have on preventing damage and/or taking care of the boat would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I use a wax called Zaino. Downside is that it's a little expensive and you have to order it from By far the best car wax I've ever used, long lasting, easy on and off. It's been doing a great job on my boat as well.

    The other big tip I can give you it to wax everything you don't want to get water spots on, glass included. Go get one of those synthetic chamois from Wal Mart and keep it in the boat. Wipe the boat down every time you take it out of the water. When the chamois gets dirty, throw it in the washing machine. This has worked great for me, hope it helps.

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    In my opinion it comes down to work mostly and it is less about what kind. I use Maguires wax and they have different levels in case you do get some water spots or damage. I start with the wax number that removes the water spots or scratches and work my way up.

    I have a black boat and it is without any water spots and I have spent a week in Lake Shasta which usually gives permanent water spots.

    After each use I wipe it down, and if I am spending long periods in the water I wipe it down maybe twice a day or at least once. I used vinegar and water when I was in Shasta to keep water spots off.

    That is all

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