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    Default Water trapped between hull and ski locker subfloor

    I've posted on here about this issue with my boat. There was another member that also had this issue on his 05 I believe. I brought my boat into the dealer for them to take a look at, and they worked with Skier's Choice to get this covered under warranty, even though I'm the second owner (issue was identified within a week of owning it though).

    The dealer uses a custom paint / body / marine shop for any glass work. I reluctantly took my boat in, met the owner, and was put at ease that they would take care with my boat and walk me through their process and keep me informed of progress, and invited me to stop in anytime to monitor progress. They then took 30 minutes to talk through what they would do and made sure that I understood and asked any questions. That was last Wednesday.

    I stopped in today and they took 20 minutes to walk me through what they have done so far. They have cut the hole in the bottom of the ski locker, pulled out the foam in the immediate area, and it is sitting in the shop drying out. Once that is done, they will refill the missing foam, reglass the hole and re-gelcoat the entire ski locker. One issue that they identified was that the front of the ski locker floor is not sealed to the hull at the bow, which allows water to enter the space under the ski locker. This, to me, is an obvious miss at the factory. The space is supposed to be filled with foam and presumably meant to be bone dry. The gap between the front of the ski locker and the hull is approximately 4 inches by 1 inch, more than enough room for water to make it's way under the ski locker. Below is a picture of the hole where the foam was removed. It's hard to see, but there are two inches of standing water at the bottom of the hole. The process was to remove the foam, suck out the standing water, let more water accumulate, suck it out, repeat. The foam is saturated. If it doesn't dry out within a couple of days, they will likely remove more foam, then repeat the process.

    To access the front of the locker to seal the gap between the subfloor and the hull, they will install a 4" deck plate access panel in the floor right where your feet would rest if you were sitting in the frontmost bow seat. From there, they will be able to seal the gap then re-gelcoat the locker. I'm going to stop back in on Friday, so I'll take more pics.

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