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    Default Front Ballast Shifting

    We were out this weekend doing some wake surfing on our 16 Mojo, all of a sudden heard the noise of something falling up front. Go and look, the front ballast bag hand pushed the cup holders out and damaged the seal (Yeah I know it's just 3M foam tape stuff). No we did not have the ballast bag overloaded, but the bag had shifted back against the front seat and pushed the cup holder out. No idea how the holders sat in there so long because the bag was flush against the bottom of the cut out for the cup holder.

    After we drained and were putting the boat back on the lift I took the seats out up front and moved the whole bag forward, so it seems like the bag just shifted to the rear somehow? Strange

    Anyone else had this issue? Going forward should I clean up the glue/seal that was ripped off and fix it myself or take it back to the dealer and be like WTF?

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    You should just get used to them popping out....or don't fill the IBS
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    Default Front Ballast Shifting

    I use the cup holders as an indicator that my front ballast is working.
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    I took my cup holders out. Problem solved.

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    Default Front Ballast Shifting

    Someone once posted how they used a yoga block in front of our cut around the cup holders so the bad didn't push them out
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    Quote Originally Posted by csm View Post
    I use the cup holders as an indicator that my front ballast is working.
    +1 .... Once they pop up (they have to in order for the IBS to fill completely), I just grab them and pop them in the glovebox, where they stay until I empty all the bags and convert to cocktail cruise mode
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    Default Front Ballast Shifting

    When I do gatorstep I'm going to take mine out and put gator where they were. It does bug me when they pop out. We don't even need cup holders there anyways.

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    not strange at all that the ibs shifts backwards, when your surfing the bow is up, it slides back, cup holders pop up, mine did, think most do, just part of having a ibs system
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    I have a center blew seat, so I removed the cup holders under it in the walkway.

    I saved them so when I sell the boat I'll reinstall them.

    I already have 4 cup holders in the bow so these weren't too important to me.
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