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    Ok lets just say I wanted to buy a new xlv. Would I be better off to go to a show or walk into a dealers showroom? The closest dealer to me is Chicago Sea Ray in Round lake, IL (90 miles away)does anyone have experence with that dealer?? I have a 19' IO and am looking forward to owning a inboard any transition tips going from IO to inboard?

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    I know several people who have dealt with Chicago Sea Ray and have had good things to say about them. Where are you from? There's a guy who used to wakeboard a lot on Lake Clinton in Illinois that just moved north to work for them. His name is Thad. Oh, and by the way, this weekend they are having some promo deal going this weakend where they'll being giving rides and pulls behind Moomba boats.

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    Tips: Get used to not being able to back up your boat as well as you can with an I/O. That's the only thing I had to get used to. Otherwise, enjoy your new ride. They're much more quiet, handle better, and make you feel like a million bucks on the water.

    Go to a boat show if there's one close by. Some dealers cut you a better deal there at the show when they're trying to get rid of them in a hurry. Sometimes, they'll bring in a new "previous year" model that they couldn't sell for some reason or another and you can get a really good deal on it. That's how I acquired my 03 Outback.

    Have fun dealing!
    Have Fun, Ski Hard

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