Hey guys, I'm curious if anyone else notices this:

Typically, once the engine is warm, my LSV idles at about 680 rpm, and it's typically a nice smooth purr. The last few times out, I've had to drive for 10-15+ minutes at a steady speed to get to where we were either staying or camping or riding. Once I slow the boat down to idle, it stays up between 740 and 710 rpm, and the idle is slightly rough, and just doesn't sound normal. Does anyone else have this occurance, or have ideas on why it might be happening?

I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the thermostat is telling the engine to stay at a higher rpm for a bit to help keep the temperature low, but, I don't recall seeing this prior to the last few weeks (though I haven't previously driven for long periods like I have lately).

Any ideas?