I am running a Clarion M475 deck, 2 wired remotes, 3 kicker amps, Polk audio throughout the cabin, tower and sub. Has been a great setup so far and this deck had good reviews when I got it. This last weekend I had some bizarre behavior like ghosts in the circuits.

Randomly the CD player would skip song to song (typical of a bad disc or rough water) but the water was glass. Some songs would last 10 seconds, then it would play two full songs, then 1/2 before skipping again, just weird and started doing it on any disc.

So I switch over to the tuner. Cruising along towing the kids on the tube (so the alternator is doing its job) and the station changes on its own! Then it switches from FM1 to FM2. Tune in another station and a minute later it changes on its own again! Aux-in with an iPod was fine but suddenly it seemed like there was WAY too much base in the cabin, like the high-pass filter on that amp got switched. About the only thing the deck didn't do was switch the SRC on it's own or power off.

I was suspect of the remotes having a split in the wiring or short or something, but later on the beach it was doing the exact same thing sitting almost perfectly still. My connections on the remotes are all sealed and taped as well.

This deck and the whole stereo setup is only about 2 years old so I'm not realy anxious to go replacing. I don't think its a voltage problem. I'm running dual batteries and showing about 13.5 volts on the gauge while running down the river when the ghosts took it over. Probably only 12.5 volts sitting on the beach when they took over again.

I've done some searching on-line and haven't seen any other symptoms like this.

Any suggestions where to begin troubleshooting stereo experts?