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    Default 01 Outback blower

    I have a 01 Outback with the carb motor and my blower sounds like a fog horn. Is there any way to get at it? It seems like it is underneath the gas tank in the bank but I cannot figure out how to get to it. Please help.


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    Ha ha ha, that sounds familiar!!! I have a 92 Boomerang and the blower is louder than the sorry excuse for a horn I have. Mine is behind the gas tank in the rear, I'd have to remove the tank to get to it. I think it is so loud because it is either mounted directly to, or vibrating directly against the hull. It needs a rubber bushing or some kind of a spacer to hold it away from the hull. Other than the noise though, it shouldn't be a problem. I just say, well...I'll never forget to turn it off!!!

    GVSU...I am in Midland...

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