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    Default Parrish - new WR - 2 @ 43 off - will that ever be broken?

    Validated by IWSF.

    I know, I know..."records are made to be broken"...but this is rediculous:

    43 pass:
    Full set:
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    I'm going to Florida/Disney at the end of August and Chris Parrish is gonna be my personal ski coach for 4 days at a local ski school. Hopefully just some of his skill rubs off on me.Hopefully i will be able to see him ski from the boat as well. The best seat in the house.
    Gonna take pics for sure.
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    2 off @ 43 has been done several times in the last 5 years. However, you have to be at a sanctioned tourny, with video to have a record confirmed. It too bad that the powers that be don't allow for a "record setting pass" in perfect conditions, somewhere in a different format.

    Don't forget, boat hulls are getting better, speed controllers are getting better with better pulls, and athletes are getting better. The record will be broken.
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