Hi Everyone,

About 2 weeks ago I got hooked on wakesurfing. I am typically a skier, I wakeboard a bit but loved surfing!

I have bought a board and a line but need to upgrade my ballast in order to get surfing properly. I have the factory ballast system in my boat (400 LBs under the seat). I would like to upgrade in order to wakesurf without having 10 people in the boat!

I'm looking to use Fatsacs, I called them today and they told me I needed 5 707's!!! That seems like overkill!!

From the Outback DD owners experience, what works best in that boat?

I was thinking one 707 where the seat goes and one on the surf side with the factory ballast bag in the bow.

I just want to make sure I make the right decisions if I'm gonna buy bags, I want them to be the right ones.

Thanks for all your feedback.