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    Default Outback DD Balast Set Up

    Hi Everyone,

    About 2 weeks ago I got hooked on wakesurfing. I am typically a skier, I wakeboard a bit but loved surfing!

    I have bought a board and a line but need to upgrade my ballast in order to get surfing properly. I have the factory ballast system in my boat (400 LBs under the seat). I would like to upgrade in order to wakesurf without having 10 people in the boat!

    I'm looking to use Fatsacs, I called them today and they told me I needed 5 707's!!! That seems like overkill!!

    From the Outback DD owners experience, what works best in that boat?

    I was thinking one 707 where the seat goes and one on the surf side with the factory ballast bag in the bow.

    I just want to make sure I make the right decisions if I'm gonna buy bags, I want them to be the right ones.

    Thanks for all your feedback.

    2007 Outback DD

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    I've got a '99 OB, no factory ballast and no wake plate. I've been playing around with weight for the last month and a half. It's very dependent on people in the boat as well, but if it's just me, my wife and a kid or two, I have two 400 lb bags in place of the rear seat. I have a 650 along side the engine on the surf side and a 350 on top of that. I run about 10 mph and if I need to clean the wave up a little, I stand up and move to the center or slightly left. Very finnicky but we've gotten pretty good at moving people around to clean it up. If we have a couple extra people I leave the 350 out and position the extra folks along the doghouse or on the side. None of my friends (I/O and outboard owners) can believe the work we go through to get that wave, but we'll run around for two or three hours having a blast. I'm free riding now too, but no where near as well as the kids. I'm just challenged to find the sweet spot and hold it. People follow us around watching. There aren't many inboards on our lake and only one other surfer, though all he has to do in his Wakesetter is push a button. Have fun and let us know how you do.
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    I'm still a newbie at this but i purchased,2 540's using one across back to side desired and one along side ,using wakeplate slightly,speed at 9.8 and this works not too bad.Use all available people weight and we manage.
    I also run a Outback DD 07.

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    Default Hey Mikey

    I too live in Calgary..And also have 07 Outback DD, which lakes have you been surfing...I just got a 750 lber for the back and the other alone the doghouse...have not tried it yet ...hopefully next week..

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    This is great stuff. I have an 08 DD and was told by my dealer I could not surf off of it so to hear that you guys are doing it gives me hope. My kids are dying to try it. Mikey and psycho-heico keep us posted on your success so I know what to buy.

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    Ed's setup would work for any Outback from 03 and on up--I have seen that wave it makes and its nice for skiboat
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