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    Talking The Boating Crazy Life

    Saturday- celebrated our "Moobaversary" by hitting the ski club for a few sets; pulled the boat out of there then hit the local reservoir for some surfing. Met my neighbor out there and taught his daughter to ski for the first time! Watched a beautiful sunset
    Sunday- went out on neighbors newly acquired 24 ft launch with 1100# sacs in it and did some surfing; talk about a tsunami. Even I can free surf behind that thing forever!
    Tonight- leaving work early to drive 2 hrs for a ski clinic;
    Tomorrow- hopefully not to exhausted to work but then tomorrow night after work I'm hitching up the moomba to take it down to my dad's lake cabin on Brookville for a 5 day weekend!

    I love summer- pics to follow if I can ever stay off these boats long enough to post them!
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    Good for you! Just finished 6 solid days in a row on the water with good friends. Nothing like it.
    My Mom said I'm not allowed to get wet!
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