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    Default DIY Shower Install

    I've done a few of these for some folks and did one in my boat. I just finished one up for a buddy and figured I post a how too for ya.
    For reference this is an 06' Moomba LSV.

    As for parts its kinda tough finding all the stuff you need unless you buy the kit from heatercraft.
    I did order the mixing valve with the switch from them for about $75.
    Most of the pvc and standard plumbing parts you can find anywhere. The pressure fit fittings and the tubing you can get from an industrial fittings supplier. The fittings that attatch to the pump and mixing valve can be picked up at West Marine.
    The pump I got from a RV shop. Its just an on demand pump that turns on when the pressure drops well... like an RV.
    For the shower hose I prefer the coiled hose. It doesn't take up much room, can be squished by the fatsacs and bounce back. You can usually find the hose and head as a kit anywhere.
    All together the parts cost about $250. I believe the Kit with everything you need can be purchased through Heater Craft for $350ish?


    First I removed the where I will mount the pump and mixing valve.
    Next lay out the two and find the best orientation that best fits the panel.
    Cut a hole for the mixing valve and mount the valve in the panel.
    Mount the pump to the panel.
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