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    Default wakesurfing on regular side of boat on XLV

    I have an '08 Mobius XLV & I think because of the direction the prop turns on the XLV the surf wake is a lot bigger on the goofy side of our boat. I wakeboard regular, but learned how to surf goofy because of the wave being so much better on that side. Has anyone else experienced what I'm talking about? Any suggestions to get the wave as big on the regular side? I do have an extra 400lb fat sac that I fill up when we surf (in addition to the gravity games ballast sacs our boat came with).

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    Throw an 1100lb sac in that rear locker...or at least a 750lb sac. My 08 XLV has a good regular surf wake but it's not as tall as the goofy side. However, the regular side seems to have a nice, long pocket even though it doesn't have the height as the goofy side. BUT, the goofy side doesn't have as long of a pocket as the regular side but it does have the height and it's pretty steep. I'm still new to Moomba boats and inboards in general. I've only owned my XLV since Sept and only surfed it 6 times now. I have 3,080lbs of integrated ballast sacs and two 400lb sacs to play with. The most I've surfed with is 3,000lbs of sacs and 3 people.

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