Hello gang I have an 06 outbakck V running Kenwood 4 channel amp with Kenwood speakers and Sub (factory setup) sounds good but not great – No tower Speakers.

Looking at upgrading the entire system and adding 4 tower speakers.

I have narrowed it down to the following choices:

6 new Polk 651 to replace the stock Kenwood’s
Add 4 audio forms tower speakers with Polk mm651

Should I keep the Kenwood and add an additional amp and reconfigure the setup-up?
Should I just start fresh with 2 new amps - What amp(s) setup do you guys recommend?
Will I need to change the stock Sub?
How much of the original wiring can be reused – Looking at doing this myself and don’t want to spend too long on the set-up (prefer being towed on the wakeboard).

Any other suggestions?

Thanks Dany