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    Default Bring Back the Boomerang

    When will Moomba bring back the Boomerang? We have a 2000 Boomerang and that little boat outperforms all of the new $35,000-plus monsters.

    Maybe Moomba will begin to understand the need for a moderately priced performance model after the economic downturn hits their bottom line.

    Not everyone can afford a top-level boat. There is a market for the Boomerang. Moomba (and the other high margin builders) just choose not to see it...
    Frank in GR

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    Haha if you think Moomba is a high margin boat co, have you looked at the prices of the competition???? Moomba defiently has the best price/performance of any boat out there. Instead of the boomarang look at an Outback, a new one should be in the low 20's

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    Default Boomerang

    I agree with Noneya, you really should look at the Outback. And especially the 2003's. They redesigned it for 2003 and still kept it at an entry level priced ski boat. Unlike the Boomerang you get the open bow which in my eyes is worth alot! I own a 2002 Outback and absolutely love it!! You should be able to pick a 2003 up in the low 20's. The Outback is your answer, but with a whole lot more bang for your buck!!

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    i agree with frank-for the $ and kick a** performance the bomerang rocks-i've skied for 30+ years and have not had a better boat-rocket acceleration and killer slalom wakes-the boomerang is a unique boat filling an often neglected market niche-this 42 year old financial planner is happy with his!

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    Default Just read this thread....

    I agree with Frank!

    I just bought a '99 Boomerang. It offered the following advantages over anything else out there:
    - Unbeatable slalom wake.
    - Trailering weight is light enough for extensive trailering
    behind any 6-cylinder SUV.
    - It has real appeal for the purists among the skier community.
    - Price.
    I had zero interest in the inboards, having skied behind a zero-wake outboard, and having tried Mastercrafts, Malibus. It was only after a chance encounter with the Boomerang that turned me over to the inboards.
    ...It will be back.

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    Default selling my 98 boomerang

    i posted on the boats forum..but thought i'd mention it here too.. also its hitting the boat trader this friday aug 1..
    98 Boomerang.. 310 hp 350 indmar, red with white, bimini, am/fm/cd changer, approx 350 hrs.. no salt h20.. and like everyone who knows, the best slalom wake and fastest inboard out there.. prefect no nonsense boat... i live in North Calif near the delta.. tracy, calif to be exact. $13,500 is what is listed on boat trader online... but make me an offer... i can drive a little distance to meet.. pictures avail, email me at for more info..

    the only reason for selling... Bigger boat.. 2002 Mobius LSV.. going to transform to wakeboard/skier... and i need more room and open bow... plus i got it for a steal with only 41 hrs on it... Go MOOMBA.. they make a great boat.. at a great price
    2002 MOBIUS LSV

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    Default outback

    is the outback a good slalom boat or is it the outback ls and which one has a smaller wake

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    both are excellent slalom boats....the only difference b/t the two is that the LS is slightly larger and heavier than the regular Outback.....thus, my decision to buy an 04 Outback.

    Less weight = less wake.

    "He who have hand in pants feel cocky all day." - Confusious

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    Default Replying to Topic 'Bring Back the Boomerang'

    I have a 2003 kamberra walkabout that I can sell you for 22k without a trailer. only has 8 hours on it.

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    Default Replying to Topic 'Bring Back the Boomerang'

    hey everybody, I am comp ski boat shopping right now and have considered the Moomba Boomerang. Does anyone have some pics of the slalom wake at 34 and 36mph they could post? I have heard this thing has a great slalom wake, can you make a decent recreational level wakeboard wake if you load the boat up? Also, how does the boat track with a slalom skier?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!!


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