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    Sorry to go back over old ground. There still seem to be issues with water in the fuel for many boat owners. Here is my advice (learned the hard way):

    Try to use gas from an busy outfit that has a high turnover.

    Try to leave the boat with a full tank if is is going to sit idle for more than a few days.

    If the boat is going to sit for more than 30 days, use a stabilizer.

    The combination filer/water separator that came with my 2000 Moomba was next to useless. Fit a quality water separator with a bleed will allow you to monitor how much water contamination you are getting. I like the models that allow you to sight the water level through a clear bowl however these are not approved for inboard gas installations.


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    I am considering moving my vent. I checked it out over vacation, when I am weighted down my vent cap is under water for anywhere from 6 to 12 seconds at takeoff. The way the vent cap is designed water would have to be magic to make it all the way into the tank but I think it could happen. I took the vent cap off and it was wet inside.
    somethin to think about.
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