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Because the Moomba line is a price point/value oriented product. It's the same reason why it doesn't come with the retractable ski pylon, swivel racks, ss rub rail, etc. standard. That's what the Supra line is for.

I have to shake my head every time I read a post about why the Moomba doesn't have this or that feature that someone saw on a Supra, MC, Malibu, etc. Remember, we bought the Honda equivalent in the car world so we shouldn't expect it to have all the bells and whistles that the Acura, Lexus, Mercedes have.
Al, I understand that Moomba is a price point boat. There are differnt bells and whistels that a Moomba does not have and I agree with. There are some other things that Moomba is behind the times with. I know that Malibu's old price point boat before the Axis has dual fuel points. I have not seen an Axit so I do not know if they also have dual fuel points.