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    Man if I didn't train/workout I wouldn't be married and I wouldn't have 3 kids (or they wouldn't survive). It's my stress relief and I love it. 5-6 days a week, every month, every year forever!

    Ice hockey (once a week) all year round. Like Cab13367 said there is nothing better than sports - true competition against others, test your skills, aggressive, winners and losers. In a hockey game I can "pop" somebody in the back of the head for running their mouth or getting a little too friendly with their stick. That's 2 minutes in a box. In the real world you just can't do that.

    I usually workout in cycles. Eliptical/stationary bike & free weights at the gym - winter. Running (w/some races), flip a tractor tire, throw logs around - Summer. Lots of core work through out the year. You need to change it up or A) You'll get bored and B) Your body will adapt and you won't see increasing benefits aerobically and strength.

    Right now I'm doing P90X - highly recommend it! I will say it's not for the meak, there is a time commitment, the work outs are not easy. But gauranteed you will be physically prepared for anything: wakeboarding inverts and jumps, any sport, swinging a hammer, carrying shingles up a ladder, you name it.

    Huge doses of MSM, Glucosamine (bad knee, arthritis)
    Occasionally Creatine
    Flinstone Vit
    Some others not related to working out too
    Lots of: Myoplex Lite protein shakes & Pure Protien bars

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    Ah, yes, summer again (well, except that overnight there was an inch of snow, but soon!). Back onto the Moomba forum for the first time since the fall.

    I keep generally tight through resistance training 3+ days a week. The only way I can do cardio is via lacrosse and ice hockey. Tried running, got about a block and returned home, boring as heck. Don’t know how I used to do it, but that was 30 years ago.

    I was never into abs whatsoever. Then I became a water skier in my mid-40’s and henceforth became obsessed with it. I read that the pros focus their training on their core. So, monkey see - monkey do. Took after the core, and it’s interesting to have some firmness in places I’ve never experienced! But my purpose in replying to the post is that in the course of researching core exercises, I found much criticism of sit-ups, regarding their detriment to the lower back. As I was doing 100-200 of various types of sit-ups per day, this got my attention quickly. I found on Youtube:, this illustrated/narrated simple set you can do in front of the TV without hardly raising your pulse. Do them with purpose and I guarantee your guts will ache. There is scads of info on the net about core exercises, so you can add as you wish.

    Also around this time of year, in the gym I put an emphasis on ski-oriented lifts, simply grabbing a cable machine handle and pulling the weight to your hip while standing perpendicular to the cable machine in a water ski stance. Start with one hand – full arm extension, and add the other hand slalom-undergrip as you draw the handle in (careful your feet don’t slide out. I use a board between my feet and the machine base).

    Anyhow, now the ice is off, and if it would ever warm up here, I will be curious to see if the improved core will allow me to ski longer prior to tiring, which is my objective.

    Good thread. Thanks for the info in the supplements. I’ve been leery of those boosters, but some days I could sure use a kick start. And congrats on the P90X; most folks crap out on that…I’ve been pondering it, but don’t think I could make the commitment.

    So, I think one needs a purpose to work out, and mine is slalom (plus keeping up with my kids).
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    Lifetime gym rat here..

    I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter, I'm a Crossfitter, I'm a weight lifter at Bally's and I run 5k's and 10k's if I have time in the summer..

    I'm also Paleo.
    Sold my Moomba. Currently boat whoring.

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    At age 37 I don't always like to do the same things every week as I get bored. I'm also stuck in the office all day so when I'm off work I like to be outside not stuck in the gym.

    - wakeboarding/camping on the weekends now that it's warm and I have a boat again
    - two or three 4 mile hikes with 50lb ruck during the week (training for a 5 day hiking trip to Peru this coming August)
    - gym 1-2 days (mixture 1 hour weights and 1 hour cardio eliptical, running, or bike)
    - I run outdoors 4-5 miles when I feel the urge
    - Flyfishing on the weekends is fun as I generally trek a good 4-6 miles over the course of morning through water.
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    i don't do too well in the gym, never derived much enjoyment from it.

    i do run 5-6 days per week averaging about 50 miles per week, usually a 20+ mile run on the weekend. i usually don't use any supplements to run, hammer products for fuel and recovery after run.

    usually race 1x per month 10k to 50m, occasionally do a 5k if i don't have to pay for it.

    of course wake board and ski 2-3x per week too!

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    I have been doing the P90X workout for a couple of weeks now. Before that I lifted weights 4 times a week for the last two years. I just drink protine shakes becuase the pre-workout suppliments make me puke and feel ill.

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    David, you will enjoy the P90X workouts. They are the first "fad" workout that I have found is worth a dam*.

    The prob with asking about who trains and what they do is too broad of a question. EVERYONES GOALS ARE DIFFERENT!

    I am in a mini hiatus right now, but on Mondays, I usually train shoulders and chest, This is usually a mix of wide grip weighted belt pull ups (some with a wide outside grip and closegrip palms facing pull ups), regular bench, hammer strength bench, slow dumbell flys, and finally some close and wide grip bench.
    Tues: Back and biceps. This is usually deadlifts, close grip bar to chin ups,dumbbell single arm lifts while leaning on a bench. Then some light super 6s with a 10lber for each shoulder.
    Wed: Legs baby. I mix up some squats, dead lifts, calf raises, lunges and finish the ole hamhocks off with some hack squats. Thursday is rest day, Friday I get after chest again. lots of decline bench movements. Some dumbbell and some straight bar. I also include barbell weighted calf raises and then some slow concentration curls.

    After all of this,there should be at least 20 minutes of doing nothing but stretching excersises.

    Finally, I like to polish off a good workout at least 3 times a week with some stadium stair running.

    Diet? Eat as much lean meat as you can stomach (precook a 12 pack of chicken on Sunday to serve later) Then you have to be sure to get your greens in.
    Snacks? Almonds.....Beef jerky....Blackberries, and a few bananas.

    Supplements? I enjoy L-Argenine, a Mens total Vit, tons and i MEAN TONS of water, and creatine but only the water soluable kind so you do not have to bloat.

    Weekends? Just be active with your family and friends. I like to hunt, and that helps me do a lot of easy cardio during my scouting. Plus......THE BOAT!!!

    Obviously the routine changes on whether I am trying to bulk or trim.

    You guys are getting me motivated to get back into Prime A Beef shape. The wifey has been seeing this really intense woman trainer who has made all ripped up....So I have some catching up to do.

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    35yrs old and a runner. I was doing 3-5 miles 5+ days a week and lifting after my runs but was just burning off everything. I now run twice a week and lift 3 other days and take GNC extreme suppliments, protein shake, and creatine for the past 3 months.

    My weight has remained the same now instead of dropping, but if I could cut out a few beers once a week I would probably have the full 6-pack for the first time in my life. We've always eaten pretty clean and I've added eating breakfast and it's cut the portions of my lunch/dinner naturally.

    I've done the same workout a few years ago without any suppliments and they do help in what they say, more muscle, more cut, more pre-workout energy, faster recovery blah blah. I'll drop off the suppliments after summer and pick it back up in the Springtime. I'm getting close to the best looking shape of my life and sit behind a desk all day

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    Time time time, running a business 3 kids, one who trains at 10 yrs old to compete nationaly just no time for me. It was easier when I was on the road all the time. I would hit the gym of whatever city I was in 4 or 5 times a week. Funny though, I didn't drop any weight until I got off the road last summer? Dropped 20 lbs in like 2 mnths just skiing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sled491 View Post
    Time time time, running a business 3 kids, one who trains at 10 yrs old to compete nationaly just no time for me. It was easier when I was on the road all the time. I would hit the gym of whatever city I was in 4 or 5 times a week. Funny though, I didn't drop any weight until I got off the road last summer? Dropped 20 lbs in like 2 mnths just skiing.

    Sled, right on, two homes, 4 kids three dogs, run of business of 22 employees. I am lucky to hit the gym 3 times during my lunch hr per week for 30 min. That said protein shake for breakfast, protein bar at lunch, whatever i want for dinner and i have dropped 20 lbs. I have the p90x in the basement which i really want to start, but have not found an hr a day to committ to it. i will get there. I geuss i could just sell the lake house and moomba to make more time.... NOT
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    A Day in Powder...Endless

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