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    I stopped running in 1998. Nobody has chased me since then.
    My Mom said I'm not allowed to get wet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdlangston13 View Post
    So I saw an article recently. Some high school kid down here in the lone star state set a new bench press record for Texas high schools. 705 freaking high school!

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    That is not natural for anyone to be that strong, much less a kid. Better be careful with those pro hormones at such a young age.

    I spend 8 to 10 hours a week in the gym, mostly lifting. Probably less than 20% of my time is spent on cardio, but I get enough in.
    As for supplements, I've tried all sorts of things. Some work and a lot don't.
    For pre work out, I'm currently taking Animal Rage. It's ok, moderate pump. It doesn't give me the shakes or anything and seems to fade pretty quickly, but also keeps me from falling asleep at night sometimes.
    Jack3D is by far my favorite and what I'll be going back to when I finish this. I've done C4, NO Xplode, Muscle Pharm Assault, and more.
    I've tried the over the counter testosterone boosters, don't waste your money. I even dropped $120 on the Cellucore stuff. No difference, no gains. It would have been cheaper for me to just do steroids and actually get some gains from it.
    I'm constantly trying different things though. There's a few that I take regularly and keep in rotation. I also think everyone should take these few things if you're working out regularly.
    A good multi vitamin is essential. I'm now taking the body brand multi pack and it's really good. Since I started, I now wake up every morning before my alarm goes off. I'm more alert and have more energy as well, most of the time.
    Omega3, essential fatty acids
    CLA, love this stuff, it really helps my metabolism. When I eat a cheat meal, I immediately take a dose of CLA afterwards. Let's just say it does it's job.
    Glucoseamine, for joint pains. Years of racing motocross, my body needs this.
    BCAA before and after the gym, it helps keep my shirt sleeves tight. Essential for building muscle.
    Protein, everyone needs a lot of it. I live by this stuff. I go through a 5lb jug a month.

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    Wow, old threads never die.

    Must be water sports season soon!

    Put that 705 bencher on a slalom ski and see how he feels after.

    Re: Supplements, my teenage son is prepping for a regional body building competition. He's been thru all the wacky over the counter fad stuff, and now realizes most of it was a waste of dough. Believes in pre-workout, but presently, his ONLY source of protein is via natural foods. Chicken. Loads of it.
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    As a physical education teacher my job lends itself nicely to getting some daily exercise. I am not that portly guy sitting on the bleachers rolling out the dodge balls! I challenge myself and my students on a daily basis to attain a greater level of fitness. For me? I currently do a hybrid of P90x, Insanity, Asylum, and free weights. I've done all of them to completion and now like to mix up my favorites.

    My diet has moved towards more vegetarian choices. I love fruits, nuts, and vegetables. I even tried going vegan for a challenge...lasted 5 days! But alas, I like meat way to much to give it up forever! Now I try to eat it in moderation. I supplement with a multi-vitamin. Otherwise, I prefer being all natural and teach my students that proper nutrition will give them everything they need.

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    43 yrs old go to the gym 5 times a week and yoga 3 times a week. Wakeskate, water ski and mtn bike in the summer, snowboard in the winter. Suppliments are healthy food, beer, red wine and bc is good.
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    I am a Triathlete. Swim, Bike, Run! Little bit of weight training here and there. This is my 3rd year competing and will be doing my 2nd Half Ironman 70.3 in May at Haines City,FL. My big goal this Year is my first Full Ironman in November in Panama City Florida.

    At this point I train about 10 hours a week. I have 2 or 3 day I do double workouts or "bricks". Swim/Bike, Swim/Run or Bike/Run. Long runs at this point are 8-10miles. Bike rides are 50+miles and swims are from 1-1.5miles each session.

    When I start to get into serious training for the Full Ironman my time will almost double to 18hours a week buy the last couple weeks before the Triathlon.

    Sadly this all will come at the expense of Boat time this summer. I hope to at least put 25hrs my Mojo this summer but between Training and Saving for building a house which is scheduled to start in August I will have to live through you guys experiences this summer.

    I figure for just this one summer of sacrifice it will be worth it all! Did I mention we are building in a lakefront community and I'll have a Boat Slip that will be deeded to our house!!!! I can't wait till next summer!!!
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