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    Quote Originally Posted by David Davidson View Post
    * Are you sure they're phased correctly?
    -Still need to check...

    * What do you have the crossover frequency set at?
    -The tweeter is set at -3db, no other settings on crossover.

    * Where do you have the gains set?
    -I have the rear components set higher than the front coaxials.

    * What is your power source for the amp?
    I meant amp crossover, may bad. Do you have a subwoofer? If so the amp crossover frequency should be in the 100-120hrtz neighborhood to start. Without a sub you'd want a lower freq setting so you have a good blen for highs and lows. If with sub you should also make sure the amp is set to hi-pass for the speakers and low-pass for the sub, cut the subs freq at around 80hrtz to start.

    Play with the hi-low freqs to get a good "blend" between the speakers and the sub if applicable.

    Reference "how to set gains" in the how-to section to make sure your getting the most from them and the amp.

    Do you have a dedicated battery for the stereo or just one battery?

    What size power cable is going to the amp? 8ga, 4ga etc.
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    There will be a slight reduction in sensitivity between the coaxials and components. The separate components will have an insertion loss due to a multi-component outboard crossover where as the coaxial is strictly 2nd order highpass.

    However, the component has a full 1-inch dome versus a 3/4-inch dome. And, because the midbass cone has a solid dustcap (without a tweeter mounting post) it has more surface area. This more than offsets the moderate efficiency difference.

    Try bringing the tweeter on the components up to zero dB and gain the coaxials down a bit on the amplifier to bring these speakers into balance. Without photos and without all the particulars its hard to speculate, ie: positioning, phasing, acoustic isolation, etc. And numerous other considerations. Also, check to see if both front and rear amplifier active crossovers are set the same (either 'fullrange' or very low just for protection since you don't have a sub yet).

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