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    I have a 99 Outback and I want to add a tower. I live 200 miles from the nearest dealer. What tower would folks recommend and would I expect to pay for it. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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    Hi , i have a 99 outback ls and put a tower on it this fall. its the factory tower. i paid 1500 for the tower and about 420 for them to install it. I'm a pretty handy guy but didn't dare tackle this job as the plates are glued and bolted onto the deck. its takes a day for the glue to set up so i would drop it off and let the dealer do it.
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    Default tower

    I now have a 2001 mobius v, but before that, I owned a Gekko and I purchased a tower on ebay. it was a wake design tower and I installed it myself. i paid 425 for the tower and it took about 1-2 hours of measuring and drilling to install it. You will enjoy having a tower on your boat and it will increase the resale value a lot. Good luck!

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