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    This topic was actually a driving force in the design elements of the XM7 tower speakers. We spoke to so many shops and people that have had their speakers stolen it was just plain bad! Lets face it, a rack full of high dollar speakers is just like putting a steak in front of a hungry dog.

    With this in mind, you can just pop off the XM7 pods by way of loosening a thumbscrew. When the speakers are down the tower just has the clamps on them and they look factory because there isn't any hanging flying wires around.

    Lastly, the XM7's come with neoprene wetsox that have built in handles for easy carrying.

    So bottom line: if its expensive, you better take it off your boat or it will be gone!

    Exile Audio

    ps: side note... if people call in and want to buy just a clamp, we are ULTRA suspect. Kinda like trying to buy just a face plate for a CD player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post
    As for your head unit does it have the removable face? Most do now a days and taking that with you is always a deterrent from the sealing it. Another option is to go buy bolts for the amps with special heads, torque or spare so they can just unscrew stuff. As for the sub how is it mounted? Is it in a box?

    If its a box can you bolt it down from the inside of the box?

    As one other measure, you can add a fuel system kill switch and have it mounted in the boat in an odd place. It is a simple switch you can have installed and it splices the main power line to the fuel pump. If they take the boat it will start like normal but die a minute later as the pump wont be running and then the boat is disabled. I run this on my truck. So much better then a Car-Alarm as you cant bypass this unless you know where the switch is.
    I was planning on removing the faceplate on my radio. I do like your idea of torx screws. I think I will use them for mounting the sub in the box. The cover I was referring to was one that would conceal the sub under the helm from visual.
    Razzman, I am pretty sure what I am going to do to deter theft of the entire boat. I got a great deal on it and if it gets stolen, I just get a better one. The thing I am concerned with is the stereo system single components getting stolen and costing me 100 to 500 a pop. That is below my ins deductible.
    Thanks for all the ideas, several heads are always better than one.
    Does anyone recommend an alarm by personal preference?
    Right now I am going to go with:
    Removable faceplate on HU
    Locks on Tower Speakers
    Torx screws on sub to box
    Bolt box to boat
    Lock on observation seat
    Heavy cable boat trailer to tree
    Hitch lock

    At least I will sleep better

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    How bout hire a bodyguard to sleep under the cover and yell "boo" if anybody tries to board

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    Try using an uncommon screw and bolt heads such as a torx head where a good thief would have to bring a good tool box or come back later with the right tool.
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