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    Default 2018 mondo wakeboard setup

    Hey all! New to the forums here. I recently picked up a new mondo and I was looking for some advice on the optimal wakebording setup. Iím assuming full ballast with the wakeplate around 50%? What rope length and speed for an adult rider seems to be best? Thanks in advance!

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    hey Jrau,

    I have a 2016 mondo. I find the wake with full ballast (500 bow bag, 500 centre tank and 1300 rear bags) a little steep. I think this set all in all is a little rear loaded and being only a 20.5ft boat makes the wakes a little steeper. I am only an intermediate rider (couple of inverts and 3s but nil mobes etc and ride at about 22.7mph at 70feet. I like a fast approach and going to the flats rather than relaxed with more vertical pop but I guess thats just a style thing.

    As for the steeper wake I heard reports that the old supra 21v which had similar dimensions and same constructor to the mondo was a steep wake.

    I either only fill the back bags 3/4 and have the plate 3/4 down or add 300lbs up front. We usually have 6 or so people in te boa too.

    Curious to see what you have found works well for you.


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