Razz - I decided to post your PM to this thread because I'm guessing several people will all have similar questions

[Raz asks] How much foot room is lost? By my calcs from measuring mine the other day it looks to be 7-8" ???
-- Not much foot room is lost. At the base of the kick panel you loose just under 5" (special note to robert size 14 shoe. damn! those are big feet!)

[Raz asks] It's big obviously, what are the cubic feet?
-- 1.85 cu feet before driver displacement. Keep in mind the way the box gets this big is because of the multi angle way we stack the shape, up and over the hump. Reflex tuned to 38Hz with this volume makes it hit LOW!!!

[Raz asks] Will any 12" sub work or is it optimized for yours?
-- Of course its optimized for Exile subs. But that doesn't mean other woofers wont work. Need to check the mfg specs on mount diameter, depth and box volumes just to make sure. But it's pretty friendly.

[Raz asks] How does the facia attach?
-- we looked at driving cap head screws into it but it muddies up the design. end result is 3M velco. the fascia also is hinged under the vinyl so you can physically get the bugger into the space.

[Raz asks] Is the box directly on the floor when installed?
-- Nope. thats a receipe for disaster. The enclosure rests on a sole that lifts it up of the floor carpet about 1/4"

[Raz asks] What's the minimum sub one should install in this?
-- That's a question of budget. I don't think I'd spend 350.00 bucks for a cutting edge enclosure and stick a crackerjack woofer in the thing.

[Raz asks] I'm running the class d channel on a Kicker ZX700.5 which is 420w @ 2ohms, will that work?

-- Yes for sure. In the Exile line you'd want the Shift 12DVC which is rated at 400 watts and would drive the amplifier at 2 ohms. This is what we call Stage 1. Stage 2 goes up to the 700W woofer. Stage 3 is 1500W woofer. The key is to match the performance of your amplifier.

Hope this info helps!

Exile Audio