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    Default Water lying in V Drive compartment

    hi all
    can anyone advise me.
    you know the compartment where the solenoids for the fat sacs and where the connector for the engine flush is on the 2004 XLV, its kind of under the back seat with a removable seat cover etc?

    everytime i leave the boat after hosing down etc, there appears to be some standing water in the bottom, which never seems to drain away.

    does anyone else have this problem or could advise on how i can ensure this drains away after everytime i use her ??

    it baffles me!!!

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    This bugs me too. I guess that it's part of having the stepped hull. I have thought of putting a second bilge pump in there.

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    It's just normal for the beast is all. Unless the water is deep enough for the bilge pump it won't drain it. I'm fortunate in that i have very steep and long ramps so i pull the plug at the bottom and slowly creep up giving the water time to drain out. Even then i've used a wet/dry vac to get the rest.
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    thanks guys
    its not just me getting annoyed with it then!
    i thought it would be something that i would struggle with as when its hosed down its basiscally stored on the flat
    maybe i need to make sure i drain it out more on the ramp
    maybe to siphon it maybe another way or a small pump etc
    as long as its not doin any damage and away from all the engine parts which it seems to be

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