Ok my set up

I have 4 kicker ks 650's Rated 4 ohm each rms 65w
Mtx marine 4 channel amp RMS is 45w x 4 channel @ 4 ohms
I wire them straight up the tower 4 sets of wire, one set for each speaker

One of the problems I am having is that they just dont seem to scream like I am use to kickers doing most kicker setups I have heard get real loud!

The other problem I am having is that when I run my tower/subs for a while the alternator kicks in hard and makes a high pitched whine through my tower speakers varying with the rpm's of the motor

for the whine problem I thought I had it licked I got new rca's and relocated them away from any power cables I also made a common ground for the amps/deck to eliminate any ground loops it works for lower levels but yet the whine comes when I have the music up for a while ???

I have a kicker 350.4 4 channel amp in my truck
Power (watts/channel) 2 Ohm Stereo 90 x 4
Power (watts/channel) 4 Ohm Bridged Mono 175 x 2

I have been thinking about using this for the tower speakers do you guys think that this could possibly kill 2 birds with one stone or am I gonna have to figure something out for the whining problem

Also I am using the junk stock radio splitting signal for 2 amps is this an issue you guys have had causing a whine???