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    Default another question

    Installed the Kenwood 700U stereo and remote this weekend - Instal was pretty simple and looks good... sounds better but.....
    I didnt realize I was going to have to buy an extension cable for the remote .. kinda crappy not tho throw that in as well...
    So for those that have installed this combo did you purchase the 3 meter or 7 meter cable.. and where did you purchase from?

    suggest a website /store -- thanks

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    I got the cable from the shop i bought my deck with. I got the 7m cable for 30 bucks. I used most of the length of cable but that is due to running it with my main harness for other things so it would be a seamless install.

    I hope to finally mount my amps and get all the rest of my pics tomorrow for the stereo install.
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