As you can see, I am getting my boat ready for the new season and fixing all of the little stuff wrong. Bad news is, sounds like my front starboard in boat speaker is blown. I cannot seem to find another Rockford Fosgate HPC1206 anywhere, I know it's an old model. So I am thinking of replacing my 4 in-boat speakers. What do you guys recommend? I know everyone loves the Wet Sounds, but I cannot justify that amount of money right now, still planning a wedding! Any thoughts or inputs on the Polk db650's?

Next speaker issue is with my tower speakers, I have some old school Infinity's on there now, I lost a grill for the smaller speaker and it took a beating, woofer is torn. Can't seem to find a matching pair there either. I believe the one that is torn is a 5" speaker, and I do don't think a 5.25" speaker will work. Any suggestions on 5" speakers? Seems like they are pretty hard to find.

Also, I am keeping my current amps so the in boat speakers are powered by a 200 watt and the tower speakers are also powered by a separate 200 watt. Hope this info helps in determining speakers.

All input is much appreciated! THANKS!