Anyone out there know if the 2001 Mobius V has the "No Feedback" rack and pinion system?

I'm going to replace my steering cable shortly and wondering if I don't have this option already, should I throw in an extra $50-70 and get it with the new cable kit.

This is the one I came across -

However, this looks like a complete column with no tilt. No good if that's the case.

Either way, can anyone make a suggestion where I can order a new steering cable on-line besides through WMJ Marine? Just wondering what my options are in case they're out of stock. My local dealer, as I've mentioned before, isn't much help and the next closest dealer over 100 miles away said they are backordered and at least a week or more out. They did tell me it's a Teleflex SSC and I need a 20ft length. Planning on doing it myself (with the help and advice of all the good people here on the forum) and saving the $300 the dealer quoted to do the replacement.

(BTW - they quoted just the cable itself at $270!)