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    How about surepower? Any thoughts? Seems like a sound system as well. Very simple install.

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    Yes, the SurePower is easy to install and its very simple in its basic form but you may want to take a more comprehensive approach to your charging system. Its often more than just a matter of convenience. If you're going to have a charger you'll need to address this with a peripheral isolation switch. Also, your complete stereo components must come off the factory harness with 100 percent of your stereo going directly to the stereo battery while the helm buss, starter and alternator remain on the starting battery.

    The BEP and Blue Sea ACR/VSR solutions are fine for a fishing boat or fish & ski where lighter draw instrumentation woiuld be the primary concern when at rest and where there would be resistance by boaters, dealers or installers to pull these multiple devices off the helm buss. But we believe in addressing the larger current draw of a big audio system differently. Plus, as mentioned above, most systems only provide for a single bank charger to feed both banks which is particularly flawed with the use of a large stereo, more amp/hours capacity and deep cycling.

    We can fix you up with a basic SurePower scenario and schematic that will perfectly fit your stereo application as is and then you can add the options if and when you add an AC shore charger. At some point I believe you'll appreciate taking the big picture perspective.

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