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Thread: LSV and Skiing

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    Default LSV and Skiing

    I know, I know this has been hashed out a few times, but was at the boat show over the weekend and had another dealer/salesman tell me that the LSV wake is actually pretty good when it comes to skiing.

    I am just not going to convince the wife on the Mobius LS, plus nobody will get one in around here.

    I am not a competitive skier. I get pulled around the lake right now by a 23 foot malibu, a 19 foot SeaRay, and occaisionally a 19 foot Lund Pro-V (hey you don't complain if someone is willing to pull you).

    I don't ski the course either, but I do ski at 36 mph at 22 off as a recreational skier.

    So what could you compare the LSV wake to? 20 foot Bayliner? Can you even compare it to a bowrider? that would be easiest as those are the boats I typically get pulled behind.

    Wife and I sat in the Outback V and it is great behind the glass, but the loss of room in the bow is dissapointing. It really is quite "tiny" up in the front.

    so once again, the discussion continues......

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    We went with the LSV instead of the XLV with the assumption that it had a decent ski wake. We should have bought the XLV.
    I'm coming from a solid inboard direct drive and I don't like skiing behind my LSV. I would say half way betweeen the malibu and the sea ray in wake size. Thats empty with 1 person.

    PWI as usual...

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    hey Double D for what it's worth there's a youtube video of me skiing behind my 08 outback V; this was the last year before the hull change so it's 20'8" and a little lighter than the LSV. I've not done much skiing behind a direct drive and my goal is not to because after that I'm sure I'll hate my V drive for skiing LOL. Anyways, I'd be curious to hear what somebody who skis behind an LSV thinks about wakes on mine vs LSV. This is at 15 off with wife, friend and 2 toddlers in the boat along with a full tank of gas, wakeboards, surf board, and all sorts of snacks, pop, ice, 2 anchors, a battery jump starter etc... so if you had an empty LSV the weight might be similar
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    Default ski

    the ls has a lot smaller wake, because the v drive ads alot more weight to the back. if yours has a wake plate bring it down about half way that brings the bow down and cleans up the wake, at 36 mph you sould have a nice wake with the plate down

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    there is a member here ChadM who skiis behind his LSV. Looks good from the pics, but you wouldn't get me to do it, it would be just too frusturating.

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    First, will an LSV do 36 mph without being at full throttle???

    I own an Outback and I don't like the slalom wake it has with a full tank of gas. I have been in an LSV or 2, there is no way I would try to slalom behind that boat. Yes, I am a snob.

    I think you will enjoy skiing much more behind an LS (DD) or Outback V.
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    I am a slalom skiier first and bought an ls becouse i love to ski trick ski jump and barefoot dirst but want to wakeboard too. i made sure to get the gravity three should do the same....

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    If you buy the LSV, Then Buy a 100ft rope. Its flatter back there otherwise getta wakeboard. my .02
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    100ft rope! Holy Crap, that is as long as my lake

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    Oh man, that wake is big.

    For me, it's DD all the way.

    Have a look at my wake in an Outback (please excuse the technique, I've been improving).
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