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Thread: System help

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    Cool I ordered the Kicker 700.5 today for $279.00. Great deal!! I am going to order 8 of the DB651 Polks. I will run the bow speakers off the head unit and the rest off the amp. I have to get a sub but have not gotten that far yet. Do you guys see any problem with this set up for a season. I will go big next year. Thanks

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    Nope, I think you'll be pleased.

    PWI as usual...

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    Nope looks great your going the same route i did last year also. I went with a budgeted system so i could enjoy it more.

    The bright side of your system is as the summer goes threw you will realy see what you do and dont like in your boat, and you will know what you realy want to change for next year.

    I have a ZX450.2 for sale in the classifieds, it can be used to run those 2 towers and 2 bow speakers for you as well, if you want to run a duel amp set up.

    Let me know if your interested or not. Nothing wrong with the way your running it now just letting you know about the extra amp idea
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