Ok, guys I need some info. What do you guys think about the kicker mx700.5 amp. I was hoping to use just that one amp to power my six in boat speakers and my two tower speakers (since they are regular speakers not the high powered HLCDs) and the sub. I was thinking about buying the Polk db651 speakers for the in boat and tower. The speakers are new in the boat but they are Pyle and I want to switch them. I will at some point get tower specific speakers but right now too many things to buy like slip, lift, amps...etc. I found the kicker amp online for $349.00 is this a good price. I found the Polk speakers from one of the other posts at earmark? I think for $149.00 for 3 pair then another place for $52.oo for a pair. I like the idea of one amp. I have no idea about a sub. Thanks for your help.