be careful with boards with no boots. I thought there was no way my board (with boots on) would fall out of my monster rack and so I didn't bother securing it with the cord most of the time. I was right all summer. Then late fall, one of the last rides of the season, I looked up just in time to see it coming out. My son was sitting in the rear bench and I jumped up just in time to keep it from falling on his head. Slammed into the side of the boat pretty hard, but no harm done surprisingly.

It was lazy and stupid of me and I won't make that mistake again. I guess it might never happen again in 10 years but if you hit a wake just right, or who knows what, it just isn't worth it. Especially if you have people sitting in the boat behind the storage point. Although I feel stupid for posting this, I'm hoping somebody who occasionally does the same thing might read this and maybe I'll save you a similar experience.