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Thread: New Stereo done

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    Default New Stereo done

    First of all, I will get pictures this week.

    So I have a 2002 Outback LS and I recently replaced the head unit (nothing fancy) with a Sony CDX-M10 as well as a new wired remote for the driver.

    Then I swapped out the stock speakers with Polk Audio DB651 all around:

    Today was the final pieces...tower, amp and sub.

    Went with Kicker KS600 tower speakers (2 speakers) that I got off E-Bay for $200 brand new from LAS.

    The amp, I went with Kicker KX800.4 which is a pretty big amp and it does exactly what I want it to do.

    No link to the sub, but have a Kicker CompV 12" sub.

    Now this is how I set it up..

    The CD player only has 1 output (besides the bracket for the cabin speakers). So I left the cabin speakers with the bracket directly into the head unit..not really worried about the sound there.

    As far as the tower speakers, wired them into the amp with a Pot switch/dial tapped in so I can control the tower speakers seperatly from the head unit/wired remote. It basically works as a remote gain that cost $5 without having to spend $300 on the Wet Sounds 420 (even though that is a sweet device!) So I will set the cabin speakers at volume 18 roughly and then adjust the towers up or down from the dial knob.

    I will post pictures this week to give everybody more of an idea..

    Overall though, I am happy with the set up and these are pretty loud!

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    Sounds like a nice set-up get some pics posted!

    PWI as usual...

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