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  1. Jease that's great to have options. That is a beautiful part of the province.
    I live in Okotoks, Alberta and spend our summers out at my parents and inlaws farm which is also close to Echo. I end up putting on lots of hours or airmiles as there is not much around southern Alberta for decent lakes (within price sanity).
    Where did you get your boat? I shopped around but ended up going down to Spokane late last year cause there was nothing reasonable...
  2. we usually spend most of the summer at the regional park just because we have a cabin here and it's only 15 minutes from Nokomis so i can commute back and forth to work. I was debating whether or not to say home or cabin LOL!! it is a beautiful location for sure... my folks have a cabin up at Waskesui and i love it up there but 4hr drive vs. 15min drive.... our cabin usually wins out..
  3. Thanks SR,
    That was done on my brother in laws Canon 5D and the original is amazing. I am not a photographer by any means but I thought it was a cool shot.

    The cabin is actually my parents home on Echo Lake in the Qu'Appelle Valley.

    Where do you usually spend your summers at?
  4. paullly, which lake to you boat at?? love the evening mooring shot with the cabin in the back ground!!
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