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  1. Justin I just saw your message now. There is a cutout in the top of the fuel tank that when the floor is pulled out you can run the lines through. Pulling the floor is pretty easy it just can be a little heavy. Two people should be able to pull the floor and run all the lines in a afternoon.

    You doing aerator pumps or reversible?

    Nice I live in the small town of Hollandtown (Van Abels) east of Kaukauna about 4 miles. We wakeboard in Wrightstown all the time and the girlfriends family lives on the west shore of bago (Neenah) Hoping to one day get my own place out there.

    Hit me up if you have any questions.
  2. Hey Mark-
    I have a 02 Outback LSV, same as yours, no ballast. I am in process of adding a ballast system. I am not sure how the supply, return, and vent lines are run into the center locker. Can you snap some pics how the lines are run into the ski locker?

    Go Pack! I grew up on the north shore of Winnebago, went to Kimberly High. Live in North Carolina now. Family still lives in Menasha, sisters in Kaukauna and Little Chute. Great area.

    Thanks man for your help!

    PS - You PM box is full, cannot receive any messages.
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