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  1. What's up? You and your crew getting stoked for a new boating season?
  2. Hey welcome dude. We usually go to Oolagah cause its close. I'm 43 married with three boys 16 12 8. We wakeskate wakeboard and now wakesurf We caught some waves this weekend. We love our boat it's an 03 Outback. It's good to have some Moomba's around they rock. Any tech questions ask away I've added a tower,sound system and changed a steering cable. And the forum is really good. keep in touch Danny
  3. Hi, one more moomba guy here in OK. Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Ray. I'm 36 and married. I'm from Tulsa and I have my boat at Skiatook this year. It's just my second season so I'm new to just about everything. I'm a pretty good wakeboarder and skier...and tubing if that even counts hehe. I came on this forum because of some service issues I'm trying to work out but it would be great to meet up at the lake sometimes too.
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