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  1. El Paso is about 4 hours from me. But I think I'm down to take a nice long motorcycle ride. Let me know what days you'll be there and when the time gets closer I'll let you know if I'm going to be off work and at home. If I'm not at work I'll make a ride out that way and party in El Paso for a night.
  2. The Arm Pit of Tx lol. El Paso Claudia is from there and Juarez Mexico. Id be willing to drive a few hours to meet you or something. Have a beer talk some shit lol. Love meeting the people here when im in there neighborhoods.
  3. Well, I'm in North Dakota working right now. I'm not real happy about that. But, I live in west Texas. I am usually all over the place when I'm not at work. What part of Texas are you coming to visit?
  4. Ohh im starting to hate you already LOL. J/K where in Texas are ya? We are goign on vacation end of March and will be in TX for about 4 days as part of that trip, Claudia is from TX and were seeing some of her Family there.
  5. Well I guess you still have a little time up your way. We're planning on being on the water in about 2 weeks. It will still be a little cool to us, but I'm sure it would be nice weather in your eyes.
  6. Hey buddy, wont be to long and i can show ya the rest of what im doing, i got about 4 other projects in the works, right now my boat looks like a battle field at a body shop lol.
  7. The boat is looking good man. I bet it sounds great! I can't wait to see what you do next.
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