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  1. Didn't recognize you yesterday since you weren't upside down. What's more impressive is doing all that before 7am. I'm still in bed.

    We bought boards on Saturday, so Nick was anxious to try it out once the weather cleared. He tried about 8 times to get up, but couldn't quite get it. I didn't get a chance as my wife hasn't driven the boat yet. We're bad parents because we suggested he play hooky on Wednesday so we can go out for the day.
  2. Check out some of my pics. Put a few wakeboarding ones up
  3. Well If you want to give wakeboarding a shot before you invest, l do have some extra stuff you can try out. Don't know If I have anything small enough for 8 years old but we can try. I'm sure we'll be boarding sunday morning and hanging out for a while during quiet time(i'm not the biggest fan of quiet time). Feel free to motor over and say hello.

    Hopefully You can get out there long enough to finish your break in hours!!
  4. Junior's only 8, figure we start him young. He's really itching to go tubing. I'm looking at entry level boards for him and me just to get our feet wet. Looks like Sunday will be the better day this weekend. Have to wait to get out until after a friend comes by in the morning to tear down a playscape we're selling him. See you out there.
  5. Only 20 yrs.... Nearly a lifetime for me, being I'm 23. I'm sure you'll get right back into skiing? So how old is junior? Did you guys get a wakeboard yet? If you were really interested in wakeboarding, much more relaxing than salom skiing in my opinion, I am sure we could hook up some time. I have plenty of boards and many different sizes for bindings.

    We did have a good time this weekend. Burned about 40 gallons of gas. We were out Saturday night, Sunday and all day Monday. Monday I had a full 10 people in the boat which was fun. I own a ski supreme that we used to wakeboard behind which only seats 4 to 6 people and is so crowded so I really enjoyed having a full boat and still plenty of room for gear and for people to move around.

  6. It was real good, how about yours? You guys look like you we're having a blast. Your boat looks great out there as well. Only took us about an hour to get it in the water due to crowds in the lot. Lesson learned, go early. We're still putting in the break in hrs on the motor. Only halfway there, 5 more hrs. We'll probably start with tubing for the kids, then get junior to try wakeboarding. I've never wakeboarded so it should be interesting. Only been 20 yrs since I last slalom skied.
  7. You guys have a good memorial day?? Your boat looks real good in the water. Monday was probably one of the only times you'll see me tubing with my boat, wakeboarding is more my style. We had to take ours out of the water monday night because our docks got all screwed up with all the rain and then all the waves on monday.
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