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  1. Haha...I hear ya. I'm from the midwest and our winter has been horrible, which makes me want warm weather here that much worse. The lakes are finally starting to unfreeze, so we're about 2 months away....and like you said...its been way to long since I've been surfing....and drinking!! Will be looking forward to the pic's!
  2. Thanks man! My wife and I love it. We lucked out on the boat - the truck has been with us for a while now. Nice setup yourself!!
    It's been a pretty mild winter for us this year on the west coast, so I can't stop thinking about getting on the water. I'm looking forward to taking numerous surfing shots like you've got this summer - and by that I mean drinking beer while surfing. It's been a long time since I've done that, so it'll be real nice to do behind my own boat!
  3. Hey Squeeg333...just wanted to say awesome boat! I got almost the same exact ride and truck...just a few years older! Good Choice!!
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