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  1. That's cool man. I work around the Cleburne area. I was drilling around Mansfield, but was moved back over here. I miss being more over that way. More to do when I'm not busy at the rig.
  2. I like to go down to Canyon Lake with my friends from San Antonio. I live 4 hours west of Fort Worth so I'm not really over this way to go to the lake ever. What about you? What lake do you go to the most?
  3. Thanks! We like it a lot. I can't wait to take it out this spring. Which lake are you normally on?
  4. That's a good looking boat man! I picked mine up June 4th of 08 from Waterski Boats Dallas. I placed it on order about 2 months before that. I had looked at your boat in the showroom I think. I liked the black so I went with all black on mine. I love it now! It takes some time to clean it, but it looks so sweet on and off the water. Well anyways, have a good time this summer man. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that's a good looking boat. TTYL Dave
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