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  1. No i think he removed the actualy im looking for a truck thread now all his posting are in the vechicle towing guides thread
  2. Mike,

    Did our post on Ed's "truck" buying guide get deleted?

  3. Send me your email address to and I will send you several more. I am a BMW fanatic and have been for 20 years but the wife got me interested in the TDI's when she bought a Jetta TDI. So I traded in my Silverado and my BMW540i for this 2006 V10 TDI and I LOVE it!!! It is the same chasis as the Porsche Cayanne, they are made on the same assembly line and several of the parts interchange. I guess my point here is that Porsche had the biggest hand in the developement so it is a level up from the normal VW design. What engine are you looking at the V6, V8 or the new V6 TDI? This is the only Euro suv that is rated to tow 7800lbs, Ok the Cayanne too, all the others are rated for 5000.
    Talk to you later,
  4. Nope its not private =o

    Was hoping to see more pics of your VW Touareg. Claudia likes them and we drove a couple thinking about buying one this Feb.
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