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  1. sorry been a while sense I checked my msgs! The 541 greatly improves hole shot (acceleration) without decreasing top speed. Its also CNC'd, so its smoother all around. Its a pretty notable improvement. When I damaged my stock 13x13 prop (oj) I didnt even know I damaged it, but my WOT was only 38mph! and hole shot was terrible. Even with a new prop, or one that is not damaged, the 13x12 is way better. If I had to do it again, they also make a 13x11.5 for even more oomph. But I haven't found it lacking.
  2. Hey USASKI - just wanted to understand you comment on the ACME 541 prop - please. I have an 03 Outback with th eoriginal prop on it. This is our second full summer with th eboat and have migrated away from boarding and almost always ski. Working to be able to run the coarse before the end of summer. What does this ACME 541 do to improve the Ourback? thanks
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