View Full Version : Portland Boat Show

01-05-2010, 07:20 PM
Its finally getting time again for the Portland Boat show.

Went last year and it was pretty huge 3 buildings worth of boats. All types of boats also.

The main dates are Jan 13-17.

Link http://otshows.com/shows/pbs/

Heres a Discount i found also


There is also another show availble if you cant make this one here in Portland. I haven't been to it but thinking about going.


I was lucky enough to get a VIP invitation to the Portland show so i get to attend the 12th for a private showing. Everything is free and free food. Cant beat that. I hope to get lots of pictures since the crowds will be a lot less then the main days.

Im also going with friends Sunday the 17th if anyone is planning on going maybe we can meet up to say hi in person.