View Full Version : 2000 Moomba Outback

Foxy Lady II
05-18-2004, 10:08 PM

Just bought a 2000 Moomba Outback and the first time I took it out I needed to get towed back to the dock. It was winterized last season, but nothing was done it the engine to summerize it. The carborator didn't have any gas getting to it. What kind of maintenance should I do in order to get this thing running. Thanks new boat owner.

Foxy Lady II

james yarosz
05-18-2004, 11:09 PM
Foxy,did the boat start and run at first,and if so how long did it run?Are you sure there is gas in the tank,the gas gauges are not very accurate.

05-19-2004, 09:19 AM
Possibly a bad fuel pump or fuel filter.