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12-20-2009, 08:15 PM
Went to the lake this afternoon. But that's as far as we got. Air was 32 and water was 37. A little too chilly. Well, I took a few pictures. Come on, summer!!

12-20-2009, 08:19 PM
.......and the rest.

you da man
12-20-2009, 09:39 PM
You guys are nuts. Air today here was about 65 and water is 57

12-21-2009, 12:02 AM
That lake is huge - is that Michigan? Is it ever warm enough to ride? I know I would never go in Superior...

12-21-2009, 12:11 AM
Testing to see if I uploaded a picture

Well this has changed, I see no attach picture icon.



HA! all you need is a really small picture. See - boat use in winter. I wish I had the orage side of the hat on in this pix. My daughter wears them to school. She calls them "don't shoot me hats." She keeps the 4th grade teachers on their toes.

12-21-2009, 12:18 AM
Benson - Yes. This is Lake Michigan. From here in Highland Park IL the distance is approximately ninety miles across the water to the state of Michigan. Winter can be brutal. A north wind will stir things up meaner than an ocean and sink a freighter. But, during summer the water warms up enough to enjoy. When wind is out of the southwest, a guy can wakeboard or ski for miles on perfectly flat water. It's pretty nice. - Deerfield

12-21-2009, 09:14 AM
I don't see a boat and i do see winter gloves. Was this a Xmas pcture stunt or was this a for real polar bear club adventure??;)

12-21-2009, 11:31 AM
Was this a Xmas pcture stunt...

You got it! Boat was winterized and put away a month ago. The middle son came up with the idea while we were sitting at Starbucks after church. At one point when taking these pictures I was laughing so hard from their antics it was hard to hold the camera steady. Mrs Deerfield was back by the car yelling at them to "act natural." Got a bunch of prints made at Walgreens and hope to put them in the Chrsitams cards and drop them in the mail this evening. Every year I vow to do a better job of getting cards in the mail earlier but it never happens. Merry Christmas!

12-21-2009, 03:24 PM
Great stuff, Deerfield. Makes me miss the windy city. Yea, right. It's about 49 today here and I'm wearing sweats and a fleece jacket inside the house.