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11-19-2009, 06:29 PM
Let me start off by saying my mechanical skills are very limited!!!

Last month I took the boat out it ran perfect for about 30 minutes. Then it just shutdown It was not running hot, but I have had that issue in the past. I could fire the boat right up, and it would run for 5-7 seconds then shutdown. It did this til it got back to the ramp with multiple restarts. My buddy and I replaced the heating element or temp gauge (sorry but don't know for sure. I also noticed the fuel pump not running, so I replaced that also.

Yesterday took the boat back on the water, and fired right up. It would not idle without stalling. It ran great for about 10 minutes then died!!! Since then it will not restart when I turn the key a blower type sound happens , but no attempt to fire over. The belts don't move, etc...

Any help would be greatly needed and thanked for this novice!!!

11-19-2009, 07:11 PM
Welcome to the site.

First problem. Boat wont start just the blower comes one. Id say after the limping you did back to the dock the day before, starting it ran for 10 15 sec then died all the way to the dock.

Dead battery. You prolly discharged it with all the starts and no real recharging.

If you did recharge it or its fully charged and now you get a no start, then you might have killed the starter with all the starting over and over.

You main concern with it running and dying constantly is possible bad fuel, ie water in it. If you have a way to drain the tank then do so. At least get Stabil and use it in the gas.

If you dont think none of this is the problem then an old fashion trick is to take the air filter off, pour a little gas into the carb then fire it up. If it run for a few seconds like that, you have a fuel delivery problem.

You can take a spray bottle put gas in it and spray fuel into the carb to keep it running also. If this allows the engine to run you have problems in the fuel pump, lines, or float bowls of the carb.

Hope this helps ya narrow it down. I would need a few more details to help farther as i dont know if the boat has been sitting, running normal, last fill up, last known run good condition.

11-19-2009, 08:07 PM
also... where are you from, how long have you owned the boat, what has been the maintenance schedule, is it carb, or mpi?